Archway Classical Academy Lincoln Elementary School in Chandler, Arizona America

Archway Classical Academy Lincoln follows a classical curriculum that emphasizes core subjects like language arts, math, science, and social studies. The school also offers Spanish, fine arts, physical education, and competitive chess.

Archway Classical Academy Lincoln Elementary School, where learning transcends traditional boundaries. This article will delve into the myriad aspects that make Archway a standout educational institution in Chandler.

Archway embraces a classical education model, emphasizing virtue, knowledge, and a strong academic foundation. The curriculum instills a love for learning that lasts a lifetime.

Academic Prowess

Archway’s curriculum is designed to challenge and inspire. From literature to mathematics, students engage in a comprehensive educational journey, preparing them for success in any field.

Beyond the Classroom

Discover how Archway goes beyond academics, offering a diverse range of extracurricular activities. From arts to sports, students explore their passions, fostering well-rounded individuals.

Community Engagement

Archway doesn’t just educate; it creates a community. Learn about the various events and initiatives that bring students, parents, and faculty together in a collaborative and supportive environment.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Explore Archway’s modern facilities that provide a conducive learning environment. From well-equipped classrooms to recreational areas, every corner is designed to ignite curiosity.

Faculty Spotlight

Meet the passionate educators who form the backbone of Archway. Their commitment to nurturing young minds goes beyond textbooks, creating a mentorship that shapes future leaders.

Partnership in Learning

At Archway, parents are partners in the educational journey. Discover how parental involvement is encouraged, creating a supportive network for students to thrive.

Real Stories, Real Impact

Read firsthand experiences from parents and students, highlighting the positive impact Archway has had on their lives.

Admission Process

Unravel the admission process and requirements, making your journey to joining the Archway community a seamless one.

Education and Growth

Understand how Archway seamlessly integrates the ‘ keyword’ into its educational philosophy, ensuring students are well-prepared for the evolving demands of the world.

Explore Archway’s commitment to diversity, fostering an inclusive atmosphere where every student’s background and perspective are celebrated.

Future-Ready Education

Learn how Archway equips students with the skills needed for the future, embracing technology and innovation while staying true to classical values.

Address: 2250 S Gilbert Rd, Chandler, AZ 85286, United States

Phone: +1 480-424-1798



As we conclude our exploration of Archway, envision a future where your child not only excels academically but also develops into a compassionate, critical thinker. Archway Classical Academy Lincoln Elementary School in Chandler, Arizona, is not just a school; it’s a transformative journey towards excellence. Embrace the opportunity, and watch your child’s potential unfold in the nurturing embrace of Archway.

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